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England Experts Speak and Declare that UK Residents should consume Less Dairy.

In a surprising turn of events, Public Health England (PHE) has completely restructured their dietary recommendation. The suggestion by the PHE that is turning the most heads is the one to cut your dairy intake by 50%.

It had previously been suggested to United Kingdom citizens to have as much as 15% of their diet come from dairy, that number has now been decreased to 8%. This was a very unpopular move with the dairy industry as you might expect. However, the PHE elaborated that there are plenty of other options to reach recommended calcium levels rather than just dairy.

This move does not surprise the Appetite for Peace team as dairy is inhumane, unbecoming, and now we know it is also unhealthy. Here is one of our favorite videos depicting why you should not eat animal products. This is the video that made it all come together for many of us.

Best Vegan Activist Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky

Lobbyist for the dairy industry are having a tougher time brainwashing the public with so many facts and stats surfacing in recent health advisories telling us the opposite of what we heard as children. We still do not think this kind of public statement will be made in the U.S. anytime soon where the Dairy Industry has incredibly deep pockets, and children have been programmed from the “Got milk” campaign, to giving Santa milk at Christmas.

The masses are smarter than the government gives us credit for though. 37% less milk is consumed today than in the early 1970’s. Coconut, almond, and soy milk are on the rise. The Public Health England statement is great news for Veg lovers and animals. Plant based options offer more health benefits and most of all, preserve the lives of animals and thus improve our world. Way to go England!