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Emma Watson Shows Us How to #CrushPlastic in Style.

When you can combine looking great with doing something great for the environment, it truly is a win-win. Socially-conscious celeb Emma Watson definitely knows this feeling as she rocked the red carpet for the annual Met Gala. Watson floored both fashionistas and environmentalists by wearing a beautiful black and white dress by Calvin Klein & Eco Age, which is made from recycled plastic.


That is some dress…likely not what you had in mind when you pictured a recycled plastic dress. At Appetite for Peace we support non-violence, but Emma is simply killing that dress.

In her Facebook post Emma wrote, “the body of the gown is crafted from three different fabrics, all woven from yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants on the planet.”

We stand with you Emma, we are aware that 300 million tons of plastic materials are used every year, from plastic bottles to utensils, to bags and more. That was not a typo: 300 million. Many people genuinely have great intentions of recycling. However.  85 percent of the world’s plastic is not recycled. This toxic pollutant makes its way to the oceans, putting around a quarter of a million marine species in danger of extinction. Plastic poses a triple threat to animals (and people) as a source of entanglement, pollution, and ingestion.

We have to fight for our finned and furry friends, and Emma sure knows how to use the red carpet as her platform for doing good.   She continued on Facebook saying, “being able to repurpose this waste and incorporate it into my gown for the Met Gala proves the power that creativity, technology and fashion can have by working together.” As if we needed more reason to love the former Harry Potter actress. We only hope that more celebs follow suit in the future.

There are ongoing efforts on the international, and local levels to remove debris from the oceans, to improve and refine recycling processes, and to innovate barriers that keep plastic from our waterways. However, we all need to take actions in our daily lives to stop plastic waste at the source.

As an organization at the forefront of the conscious consumerism movement, Appetite for Peace feels that reducing everyday plastics is not about sacrifice, but rather about making maximum use of the resources we have.

Share the word, help the world: Let’s #CrushPlastic!