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Edible Cups Are Here = Less Plastic Waste and Cleaner Oceans!

Most people love disposable cups, or “solo” cups as they are called in pop culture. They have become beloved for their convenience and the their iconic role at parties, and specifically in drinking games. Plastic disposable cups certainly make doing the dishes a lot easier for the host. However,  after reading this article you will likely be more inclined to consider other alternatives.

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times. In the U.S. alone we throw away 35 billion plastic bottles every year. Only about 25% of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled. If we recycled the other 75% we could save 1 billion gallons of oil and 44 million cubic yards of landfill space each year. The sad truth is the majority of plastic waste we generate is not recycled and ends up in our oceans , where it takes thousands of years to naturally disintegrate.

Plastic never truly disintegrates it basically just breaks apart in to smaller pieces over time. The effects are certainly still felt by marine life.  It is estimated that around extinction is, or will soon become a factor for nearly 700 different species due to plastic. That plastic cup doesn’t sound like such a great idea anymore does it?

There is a silver lining, a tasty silver lining.  Made from seaweed, natural flavors, and organic sweetener LOLIWARE cups can be consumed or composted up to 60 days after use. If that is not good enough, the cups are delicious. They are highlighted by Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Matcha Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, and an unflavored “natural clear.”


These edible cups are the brainchild of Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker who originally created the cup as part of a contest in 2010. The full-scale business launched in 2015 as they won over some celebrity fans and serious funding on ABC’s  Shark Tank.


According to the LOLIWARE website, the future of biodegredible technology is near as alternatives will soon be in place for straws, water bottles, and full-size cups. Due to the alarming rate of plastic use and the negative impact on our oceans and landfills, we hope that this happens sooner rather than later.