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Eating Meat is as Serious as a Heart Attack

The facts continue to pile up as to why people should eat less meat. The number one reason is that you should not be sacrificing another creature for your own benefit. However, if people prefer to look at it from a more personal, albeit selfish point of view…if you do not eat meat you will live longer.




This mere fact should have the rate of vegetables crops vs. slaughter house ratio looking more appealing to the animals. However, humans are creatures of habit and routine. Sometimes people have a hard time seeing the truth, or they simply are not disciplined enough to follow the path.




The general public has a decent understanding that vegetables are better for them than meat. However, the general public also knows that they should get regular exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle and we all know how that is working out. Pun intended.




The brutal truth is that most people do not change their lifestyle habits until it is too late. Often these difficult conversations come in the emergency rooms and doctor’s offices of the world. People should eat better for the animals, not eat less animals for them. However, the reality is people will not listen unless it is a physician telling them they have to turn their life around.



So, consider this a life lesson; this should be a reality check of sorts. This is a doctor telling you now, prior to your diagnosed hypertension, or heart attack that you need to put down the steak and pick up a salad. If you do not want to do it for the animal, then do it for you and save an animal in the process. Have an Appetite for Peace.