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Dumb*ss Tourist Drags Sea Turtle on Shore For Selfie

Seriously, this guy needs a smack down. We hate to say this but another moron has negatively impacted an innocent animal. Why on earth would someone disturb an innocent, harmless animal from their natural surrounding, just to take a freaking selfie.

loggerhead turtle who’s only crime was getting too close to an idiot tourist, had the misfortune of being pulled from the ocean and literally tossed on the sand  by a beachgoer. As the turtle laid motionless, most likely too shocked to react to what just occurred…more idiot tourists flocked for their own selfie. They should all be beaten with their selfie-sticks.

As you can see in the photo below, one parent even placed their offspring on the turtle’s shell  for the sake of a picture. Not only was this poor creature dragged out of the safety of his home, he was also reportedly beaten by some beach-goers after round of photos with the humans.

We cannot fathom how human would feel if ripped from their home and tortured by a larger, foreign species. Humans truly are losing touch with humanity. Parents, please tell us that you would not let any child you know stand on a turtle’s shell!
SIGH... Turtle Dragged Out of Sea for Kids to Ride on it and Selfies of Course...

Luckily, we don’t have to completely give up faith in humanity — members of the local Green Area International rushed to the turtle’s aid, while others who opposed the poor treatment of the reptile stood in a barricade to keep it safe from the savage humans. Animals Lebanon, one of the groups contacted by members of Green Area International, responded to the call and came to the animal’s aid by putting an end to the abuse. The turtle would go on to survive, but with some long term damage.

SIGH... Turtle Dragged Out of Sea for Kids to Ride on it and Selfies of Course... Animals Lebanon/Facebook

This incident is one of many in which an animal was put at risk all for the sake of a stupid photo; how have we become so vain and self-absorbed? Earlier this year, a swan was killed when a woman wanted a photo so badly that she pulled it from the water by the neck. In another horrific and unforgettable incident, a stranded baby dolphin died after being bombarded by beachgoers who wanted stupid selfies. We must stand up for our animal friends and call out the stupidity of humans in the process.

Please share this story to bring awareness to this type of crude behavior. A photo is not worth the life of an innocent creature.