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Down with Down! More Retailers Come Forward, Refusing Goose Feathers.

A group of large clothing brands, including UK-based Topshop, pledges to remove feathers from future collections. In case you missed it, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently conducted an undercover investigation, and found disturbing footage of down farms (goose feathers) in China were brutally torturing the geese. In response, major clothing British brands including Topshop, Primark, Whistles, Warehouse, and Oasis have pledged to discontinue the use of feathers in their future collections.


China is where 80 percent of the world’s goose down is produced. In the PETA undercover video, workers were plucking feathers from live birds as they shuttered in absolute agony. “Just as they did with cruelly obtained angora wool, forward-thinking fashion brands are jumping to meet the demands of today’s compassionate consumers who want nothing to do with an industry that rips out live birds’ feathers,” Yvonne Taylor, PETA’s senior manager of corporate product, said.

Fortunately, Animal products are being phased out of the fashion industry as evidenced by designer brands such as Georgio Armani eliminating fur from its lines and the recent launch of the “Non-Animal” collection by shoemaker Vagabond.