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Dog on Boat Gets a Kiss from Wild Dolphin (Video)

We know dolphins are smart, but most of us are still in the dark on just how smart they are. We know that dolphins have the ability to learn tricks and we have unfortunately used this against them by cramming them in aquariums for our own selfish entertainment. Dolphins have a communication system that rivals our own, but because we do not speak dolphin humans often think that they are superior.

Most people are not aware that dolphins are able to convey around twenty times more information with their mode of communication than humans can with speech? Basically, this means that not only can they tell each other that they saw a fish, but they can also give the location and describe the fish in one vocalization. It is quite fascinating and impressive isn’t it? This is just one more reason that these mammals deserve to live wild and free in the oceans, not locked up in tanks.

Here is a perfect example of an intelligent wild dolphin interacting with others. This incredible clip comes from “Dolphins” a documentary made by MacGillivray Freeman Films, founders of the One World One Ocean Campaign. To learn more, click here.