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Designer Vaute Couture is Going Cruelty Free for Bikini Season

New York-based cruelty free fashion icon Vaute Couture recently announced its plans to introduce seasonal rompers, maxis, and swim suits for summer. These products will all be made from recycled, cruelty-free products.


The new seasonal lines offers one- and two-piece swimsuits, skirts, maxi dresses, skirts, tops, and bodysuits made from eco-conscious materials. You will find materials such as organic cotton and recycled carpet fibers, which are all sustainably cut and sewn in the New York City garment district.

The company is also reaching out to customers via social media and asking for them to send in pictures of  themselves in the new line. Vaute (pronounced vote) hopes to offer “all body types” to promote positive body images for females.

Known for its animal-product-free coats and casual pieces, Vaute Couture is known for its animal free attire and casual wear. This conscious company is led by vegan designer and model Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart. Leanne started the brand six years ago as the worlds first vegan apparel company.

“We’re growing so we could take on a big summer collection for the first time,” Mai-Ly Hilgart said. “Once we found we could make swimsuits out of recycled carpet fibers, it was a great match for the Vaute fashion formula—which is function plus ethics plus fashion.” The new line is available for half-off during preorder until 2pm EST on Thursday, after which items will be discounted 40% the first 7 days.