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Designer Brand Armani Pledges to go Fur Free Immediately


A huge moral victory was recently achieved when luxury Italian fashion designer agreed to stop the use of real animals for their products. Armani is officially not using fur in their products moving forward. This is epic news for animal lovers and the fashion industry. Consumers have spoken and they are more conscious of animals than the designer name they wear on their back. This decision will surely influence more potential buyers, and stop dissuading those that were on the fence due to the designer’s previous mistreatment of animals.

Georgio Armani stated, “I am pleased to announce that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections. Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposition that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals. Pursuing the positive process undertaken long ago, my company is now taking a major step ahead, reflecting our attention to the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals.”

Armani had partnered with the Human Society, The Fur Free Alliance, and dozens of other animal rights groups to come to this decision. Effective immediately rabbit fur will no longer be used in the winter/fall collection. Not only did these poor animals give their life, just because of the texture of their coat, they also suffered in terrible living environments on fur farms during their brief life. So, we say thank you to Armani who will save tens of thousands of lives! We are certain consumers will thank you for this thoughtful decision as well.

Un-FUR-getable Fact: It takes 100 chinchillas, 70 minks, or about 40 rabbits to make one fur coat.


Via prepared email Joh Vinding, Chairman of the Fur Free Alliance stated, “Armani’s fur-free announcement makes it clear that designers and consumers can have creative freedom and luxury all without supporting animal cruelty. Mr. Armani has been a trendsetter in the fashion world for decades and this latest announcement is proof that compassion and innovation are the future of fashion.”