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Cute Video of Baby Elephant Blowing Bubbles

Baby animals are adorable, but it is hard to top the cute factor of a baby elephant. The video above capture the magic of when a baby elephant discovers that it can use its trunk for blowing bubbles!

It is easy to see this cuteness and forget that this baby elephant will spend the rest of its life trapped in a enclosure, a prisoner in a zoo. Whereas, most wild elephants walk up to 30 miles a day with their immediate family.

In captivity, elephants spend the majority of their days standing in concrete enclosures, leading them to suffer from arthritis, obesity, skin conditions, tuberculosis, and even circulatory issues. This is not even touching on the negative mental consequences of being caged.

Captive animals are more inclined to be extremely depressed  and suffer psychological issues due to lack of interaction as well as boredom. A study of elephants by the AZA found that approximately two-thirds of captive elephants exhibit physical behaviors that reflect  outward manifestations of the animals’ inner turmoil.

So, please do not get lost in the adorableness of baby animals. You can prevent further suffering of animals by simply refusing to attend zoos, aquariums and other facilities that hold wild animals for profit. Opt for cruelty-free reserves, sanctuaries, or better yet trips to see them in their natural habitat. If we all work together and let our voices, and money  speak for us we can help create a better life for animals; one where they can be wild and free.