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Curious Manatee Loves Interacting with Diver

Every diver dreams of an underwater encounter with beautiful creatures. However, Rebecca Ziegler never dreamed she would be face-to-face with a rare manatee. Many locals know the spots to potentially see manatees in Florida, but having one swim up to you to personally say hello, is an experience of a lifetime.

The diver in this video has the experience of a lifetime when an affectionate manatee floats on over to check her out. Rebecca Ziegler was not expecting to even see manatees when she set out for a dip in Crystal River, Florida, but stumbled across possibly the world’s most friendly manatee.

Like any good host, the manatee welcomes Rebecca to his underwater home. Manatee populations are threatened by ship strikes and habitat loss, because unfortunately they are just not the swiftest creatures. This is one of the reasons they have also been nicknamed the “Sea Cow.”

To learn more about how you can help protect the manatee, check out the Save the Manatee Club website.