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Cory Booker Serves Congressional Caucus Vegan Buffett

US Senator Cory Booker  has been making waves the last few years and has even been mentioned as a VP nominee this year, and a Presidential candidate in the future. Would the world be ready for a Vegan President? = )

Senator Booker recently hosted a lunch for the Congressional Black Caucus, serving the 44 African-American members of Congress a cruelty free smorgasbord of plant-based food which included mac and cheese, coleslaw, sushi, and buffalo cauliflower. The tasty, plant based food was catered by DC Vegan Catering.

Booker filmed reactions to the cruelty-free catered lunch in a video posted to Facebook, accompanied by an explanation of the motivation behind bringing awareness of plant-based eating to the black community. “Black Americans health data and disparities are stunning, with rates of heart failure 20 times that of whites and rates of diabetes almost two times that of whites,” Booker said. Many of the Congressional Black Caucus members loved the vegan buffet, saying it was “awesome,” and “healthy.”

A 74-year-old Congressman, referred to as “one of the more distinguished members” by Booker, even sang the food’s praises. “Coming from the food capital of America—Chicago, I think this takes the cake,” Rep. Danny Davis (IL) said. The video’s lone dissenter, Rep. Marcia Fudge (OH), jokingly jabbed at Booker amid other members’ positive feedback. “I think we should never allow you to buy lunch again,” Fudge said. “What are you missing on that plate, though?” Booker asked, laughing, to which Fudge exclaimed, “Meat!” Notably, the Congresswoman is shown continuing to eat, before eventually admitting to a laughing Booker, “It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.”