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Celeb Vlogger and Beauty Expert Carli Bybel Goes Vegan: Shares Journey w/ 4 Million.

Makeup guru Carli Bybel knows a little something about beauty. Not only is she stunning, she is an expert on beauty products. Her four million subscribers  were recently guests to Carli’s new journey  of going vegan. Bybel has had 364 million views of her YouTube videos since 2011, so this is great news for Veg lovers. Bybel released a video about her first day as a vegan a few days ago. Bybel was initially drawn to being vegan for beauty/skin care reasons, but after being more educated on the subject she has become a fierce opponent to the meat/dairy industries.


Bybel watched several gruesome videos, but one that stuck with her was about male chicks being ground up as a byproduct of the egg industry, Bybel said, “Once you see something with your own eyes, it changes everything.” Bybel’s cat, Cindy, made an appearance in the 14-minute clip, which finds the vlogger stating, “All I could think about was my baby. They have feelings, they have love, they are aware.”

Carli ellaborated “the whole industry is so screwed up. It’s all a business, so they’re not telling you what’s going on.” Bybel also urged her followers to join her on her cruelty-free crusade: “If you guys do your research, I guarantee you will not want to eat meat. If I can convince five of you to switch over to being vegan, that will make me feel better about myself because I sit up here, recommend makeup and fashion but at the end of the day, all that stuff doesn’t matter.”

Before ceasing her epic video, Bybel revealed that she will be eliminating all non vegan products from her makeup collection and hinted that she is working on creating an upcoming vegan product. We thank you Karli, your voice will resonate with so many. You are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the surface.