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Cat and baby BFFs even before birth! Meow this is a great story!

Are dogs truly man’s best friend? After hearing this story you may wonder the same thing. This friendship started before it truly started, sound confusing to you? Well, let us explain.  Cats often get a bad name as they often are only loveable when it is on their terms. This cat proves that our feline friends are much more than aloof little fur balls programmed to trip us when we walk through the kitchen.

Panda is the name of Liel Ainmar Assayag’s two-year-old cat. Panda, acts as Liel’s second shadow. Assayag says that this special friendship started before Sean was born. Liel’s belly would grow larger through the normal pregnancy cycle, and Panda’s affection for what would become Sean grew stronger every day. Panda would cling to Assayag’s stomach and purr with delight. The two other cat’s were drawn to Sean early as well, but Panda’s relationship has been special from before day one.


Liel states the role of her furry friends is much more than just pets. She says they are absolutely part of the family.


She would continue her explanation explaining the excellent role her felines play as companions to Sean. She believes young children can learn so much from them.


Appetite for peace is excited to tell this tale and we know that this is just the start for Panda and Sean. We hope that Liel captures their friendship as it continues to blossom. Did you have a similar story of an animal companion as a child?Tell us your favorite pet stories in the comments section listed below.

Image source: Liel Ainmar Assayag/Facebook