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Burgers are Officially Going “Beyond” Cruelty

Beyond Meat has invested more than seven years of research into what we think you will agree is a “breathtaking” option.Plant-based meat-maker Beyond Meat unveiled its new Beyond Burger—a brand-new vegan option it says is “the closest thing to meat” it’s ever created.

This particular vegan burger is making news everywhere because Beyond Meat is boldly planning to stock the burger alongside American carnivore favorites beef, pork, and chicken. The new Beyond Burger is similar to the Golden State company’s previous Beast Burger since it uses non-GMO pea protein as a main ingredient. However, the new product will not rely solely on being frozen to stay fresh. This burger also looks just like ground beef, and will “bleed” and get its juiciness from a mix of canola, coconut, and sunflower oil.

While some may disagree with placing the product in meat counters, Beyond Meat’s founder Ethan Brown said the goal is to introduce a healthier, plant based, cruelty-free option to omnivorous consumers who aren’t venturing to the freezer aisle for their burgers—evidenced by a new slogan on Beyond Meat’s website that reads “Carnivores welcome.”

“I want as many people as possible to have access to our products,” Brown said. “A lot of people love to eat meat. What I’m doing is allowing them to eat more of what they love, more meat. It’s just meat from plants. That’s the only difference.” Beyond Burger is now available at just one Whole Foods Market in Boulder, CO and will launch in other areas on the East Coast soon… but not soon enough. Thank you to the entire Beyond Meat team for making this dream a reality.