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Best Pie at Recent Australian Contest was Vegan

A vegan pie beat out more than a thousand other entries in Australia’s Best Pie competition. This was shocking news apparently to everyone but us. This was the first time that a vegan baked good had ever taken home the grand prize.

Ka Pies, an Australian company that has developed a strong reputation for handcrafting delicious pies, beat out more than 1,700 other entries from across the country in the Australia’s Best Pie competition. The winning pie was a lemongrass and chili-infused Thai Vegetable Curry pie. Mmmm Mmmm.

Ka Pies is led by Kiwi-native Doug Meijer, whom in full disclosure, has other popular meat- and cheese-based options. However, it was the vegan pie that was ultimately the big winner. The pie—the first vegan offering made available by the chain—has been so well-received that it is now a staple item in their year-round lineup. We wish more than anything we could get our hands on this recipe, but we understand their need to keep it to them$elve$.