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Barnum & Bailey’s Elephant Program Ends… And Then This Happens. [Rage Alert]

This ranks up there in the OMG Are You Freaking Serious category!?!?!

As you have likely heard Barnum & Bailey Circus has eliminated the elephant show as part of their acts, after public outcry regarding the welfare of these animals. This is fantastic news, right? We thought so too. We then also learned that eleven of these elephants are being transitioned to a conservation center in Florida. That’s great, right? Florida is fantastic in May. HOWEVER, these elephants will be used for….. wait for it…..cancer research!!!


Because this is what elephants do in the wild ^^^

These poor pachyderms cannot catch a break. Animal advocate groups and the media lined up to kiss Barnum and Bailey’s arse when they made the announcement to end the elephant show and rightfully so. Barnum & Bailey’s decision to cease the elephant show is under attack again due to concerns about the animal’s post-retirement life.

The public has found out the company’s decision to end this cruel abuse, isolation, and mistreatment for the entertainment of people, only to use them for cancer research.  At the circus company’s conservation center, elephants will be used for cancer drug trials; oh, and electric prods and bullhooks will still be used on these beautiful creatures. Sounds like a dream Florida retirement to us; you have got to be kidding me. I hope that you read this and you are just as livid as we are. People need to speak out against this, please share this story to save these elephants and other animals in a similar situation.