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Baby Porcupine That Was Hit By Car, Is Now As Lovable As A Dog/Cat (Video)

So, we will just admit to being naive on this one. We had no idea that porcupines could be “pet” like a dog or cat, but they are incredibly vocal and just as lovable. Check out the video below of “Storm” the beautiful baby porcupine, and her best friend Laura Ross.

“A paramedic, my friend’s husband, found her in the driveway when he went on a call,” Laura Ross, founder of Squirreltopia Wildlife Rescue in South Carolina. The baby porcupine was in obvious pain, as her tail was completely crushed and her skin was exposed and peeled off, everyone agreed that she had been hit by a car.


Despite the gruesome injury this prickly little gal would develop a fantastic friendship with Laura Ross who took Storm in. Storm is now three months old and healing physically and emotionally well. Again, we had not idea just how cute and friendly porcupines could be, as seen in the video below.

Storm is a bit out of place at Squirrletopia, but that does not stop her (and the squirrels) from being incredibly curious.


Storm still prefers human interaction with Laura, whom Storm also allows to put bows in her “hair.”


There is no shortage of affection with Storm. “The key with her is simply not to startle her … If she’s ever fussy or upset, all I have to do is nuzzle her nose with mine and give her kisses and she settles right down,” Ross said. “Sometimes she tucks her little head under my chin. She’ll climb up on me to sleep, up onto the top of the recliner so she can be close, and she’ll hunt me down in the house and try to climb my leg so I’ll hold her.”

This is a story that we will not soon forget. We hope you share the awesome friendship of Storm and Laura.