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8 Flavors of Edible Cutlery: Brilliant and Delicious!

Each year 120 billion plastic utensils are tossed in the garbage just in India. As you might expect an incredibly small percentage is recycled. The majority of these fast food friendly utensils end up in rivers or landfills where they will not disintegrate for hundreds of years.  Enter Narayana Peesapaty. Peesapaty believes he has a much better alternative to all of this waste. He thinks we should eat it, edible cutlery to be specific.


Peesapaty is the founder of Bakeys. This forward thinking Indian organization is telling the plastic industry to “fork off.”  They are producing silverware made from rice, wheat and millet that can be digested after the main course.  If not consumed, it actually breaks down in record time. If you do not like one of the eight great flavors, fine; the fork/spoon will break down in not time.

The flavors are currently catered to the spice-loving Indian culture and include: black pepper, ginger-cinnamon, celery, ginger-garlic, cumin, mint-ginger, and carrot-beet. Prefer sweets? Bakeys has you covered too. These fantastic forks and spoons last two to three years on the shelf and best of all are completely veg friendly.

Peesapaty created a Kickstarter campaign to fund his business. He originally set out to make a modest $20,000, but the campaign has far surpassed his wildest expectations. This is one of those stories where we all say, “why didn’t I think of that!” However, in the end we are just glad that someone did. Please help us share the word on Bakeys by passing along this awesome story that truly ties in with our name of having an Appetite For Peace.