About us

At Appetite for Peace we aim to be the voice for for those that cannot speak; the animals. We value the preservation of our planet and life of all types.

We are unequivocally opposed to the meat, egg, and dairy industries and all that they stand for. We place a higher emphasis on logic and compassion for animals rather than taste, habit, or lack of discipline.

Our other goals are to spread the benefits of living a Veg lifestyle, raise awareness of the negative environmental consequences of being a “status quo meat-eater,” and to provide social initiatives and grass roots community events.

We wish to stimulate conversation between vegetarians, vegans, animal lovers, and meat eaters, and make people question all that they have been told in the past.

We want to be an outlet and a resource to animal lovers, as we know it takes compassion, discipline, and a global perspective to go Veg.

Don’t put another piece on your plate, instead have peace with your plate.